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Whenever the popup receives a Close() method and the popup is currently opened, this Event is triggered.


Source position: MUIClass.PopString.pas line 50

published property TMUIPopString.OnClose : TClosePopEvent
  read FOnClose
  write SetOnClose;


The success parameter is a copy of the methods success parameter and indicates whether the popup was closed successfully (e.g. with a double click in a listview) or was just cancelled (e.g. by pressing the popup button again for toggle popups).

Due to internal message handling issues, calling the close hook is delayed until the next Eventloop cycle. This allows you to remove and dispose windows without danger.

See also



Whenever the popup receives a Open() method, this event will be called



Set/Clear the toggle mode for a popstring object.



This method closes the popup.



This method opens the popup.

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