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OpenScreen() with TagItem extension array.


Source position: intuition.pas line 4140

function OpenScreenTagList(

  const newScreen: pNewScreen;

  const tagList: pTagItem





An optional pointer to a NewScreen structure.



An optional pointer to (an array of) TagItem structures, terminated by the value TAG_END.

Function result

An open Intuition screen. Check ErrorCode when Screen is returned nil.


Provides an extension to the parameters passed to OpenScreen(). This extensions is in the form of (a pointer to) an array of TagItem structures, which have to fields: ti_Tag, an ID identifying the meaning of the other field, ti_Data.

The tag items can supplement or override the values in NewScreen. In fact, you can pass a nil value of the TNewScreen pointer. For that matter, if you pass nil in both arguments, you'll get a screen with defaults in all fields, including display mode, depth, colors, dimension, title, and so on. We ask that you at least supply a title when you open a screen.

If you need a pointer to the screen's bitmap use Screen^.RastPort.BitMap instead of @(Screen^.BitMap).

If you want DOS requester to appear on your screen you have to do:

process := PProcess(FindTask(nil));
process^.pr_WindowPtr := APTR(window);

The old value of pr_WindowPtr must be reset before you quit your program.

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