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Definitions of available fields in the underlying database.


Source position: db.pas line 1945

public property TDataSet.FieldDefs : TFieldDefs
  read FFieldDefs
  write SetFieldDefs;


FieldDefs is filled by the TDataset descendent when the dataset is opened. It represents the fields as they are returned by the particular database when the data is initially fetched from the engine. If the dataset uses dynamically created fields (when DefaultFields is True), then for each item in this list, a field i instance will be created with default properties available in the field definition. If the dataset uses persistent fields, then the fields in the field list will be checked against the items in the FieldDefs property. If no matching item is found for a persistent field, then an exception will be raised. Items that exist in the fielddefs property but for which there is no matching field instance, are ignored.

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