Unit 'IBConnection' Package
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EIBDatabaseError.GDSErrorCode (deprecated)

Firebird/Interbase GDS error code.


Source position: ibconnection.pp line 52

public property EIBDatabaseError.GDSErrorCode : Integer
  read ErrorCode;


Firebird/Interbase-specific error code, the GDS error code. From a Firebird perspective: Firebird throws 2 error codes for an exception. The high-level one is the SQLCODE, which is a negative 3-digit code. The lower-level one is the ISC code (or GDSCODE) which has 9 digits. Related ISC error types are grouped under the same SQLCODE. In some cases, each successive gdscode error gives you further information about the error condition. Note: SQLCODE is a deprecated SQL standard; its successor is SQLSTATE.

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