Unit 'ZStream' Package
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Creates a new instance of the TDecompressionStream stream.


Source position: zstream.pp line 82

public constructor Tdecompressionstream.create(

  Asource: TStream;

  Askipheader: Boolean = False





Stream with compressed data.



Should the header data be skipped.


Create creates and initializes a new instance of the TDecompressionStream class. It calls the inherited Create and passes it the Source stream. The source stream is the stream from which the compressed (deflated) data is read.

If ASkipHeader is true, then the gzip data header is skipped, allowing TDecompressionStream to read deflated data in a .zip file. (this data does not have the gzip header record prepended to it).

Note that the source stream is by default not owned by the decompression stream, and is not freed when the decompression stream is destroyed.

See also



Destroys the TDecompressionStream instance.

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