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Reference for unit 'dbugintf'

Unit to send commands to a debug server process.





Auxiliary unit for the dbugintf unit.


Use dbugintf to add debug messages to your application. The messages are not sent to standard output, but are sent to a debug server process which collects messages from various clients and displays them somehow on screen.

The unit is transparent in its use: it does not need initialization, it will start the debug server by itself if it can find it: the program should be called debugserver and should be in the PATH. When the first debug message is sent, the unit will initialize itself.

The FCL contains a sample debug server (dbugsvr) which can be started in advance, and which writes debug message to the console (both on Windows and Linux). The Lazarus project contains a visual application which displays the messages in a GUI.

The dbugintf unit relies on the SimpleIPC mechanism to communicate with the debug server, hence it works on all platforms that have a functional version of that unit. It also uses TProcess to start the debug server if needed, so the process unit should also be functional.

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