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Tar Directory entry.


Source position: libtar.pp line 139

type TTarDirRec = record

  Name: AnsiString;


File name.

  Size: Int64;


File size.

  DateTime: TDateTime;


File time stamp.

  Permissions: TTarPermissions;


File permissions.

  FileType: TFileType;


File type.

  LinkName: AnsiString;


Symbolic link target name.

  UID: Integer;


Owner user ID.

  GID: Integer;


Owner group ID.

  UserName: AnsiString;


Owner username.

  GroupName: AnsiString;


Owner group name.

  ChecksumOK: Boolean;


Checksum OK ?

  Mode: TTarModes;


Extra file mode bits.

  Magic: AnsiString;



  MajorDevNo: Integer;


Major device number.

  MinorDevNo: Integer;


Minor device number.

  FilePos: Int64;


Start position of file in archive.



TTarDirRec describes an entry in the tar archive. It is similar to a directory entry as in TSearchRec, and is returned by the TTarArchive.FindNext call.

See also



Find next archive entry.

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