Unit 'sysutils' Package
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Show the current exception to the user.


Source position: sysutilh.inc line 243

procedure ShowException(

  ExceptObject: TObject;

  ExceptAddr: Pointer



ShowException shows a message stating that a ExceptObject was raised at address ExceptAddr. It uses ExceptionErrorMessage to create the message, and is aware of the fact whether the application is a console application or a GUI application. For a console application, the message is written to standard error output. For a GUI application, OnShowException is executed.


If, for a GUI application, OnShowException is not set, no message will be displayed to the user.

The exception message can be at most 255 characters long: It is possible that no memory can be allocated on the heap, so ansistrings are not available, so a shortstring is used to display the message.

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