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Copy a limited number of characters from an ansistring to a null-terminated string.


Source position: syspchh.inc line 41

function StrPLCopy(

  Dest: PAnsiChar;

  const Source: RawByteString;

  MaxLen: SizeUInt

):PAnsiChar; overload;

function StrPLCopy(

  Dest: PWideChar;

  const Source: UnicodeString;

  MaxLen: SizeUInt

):PWideChar; overload;


StrPLCopy Converts maximally MaxLen characters of the Ansistring in Source to a Null-terminated string, and copies it to Dest. Dest needs enough room to contain the characters.


No checking is performed to see whether Dest points to enough memory to contain L characters of Source.

See also



Copy an ansistring to a null-terminated string.

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