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Record with all the strings that determine formatting.


Source position: sysinth.inc line 33

type TFormatSettings = record

  CurrencyFormat: Byte;


Currency format string.

  NegCurrFormat: Byte;


Negative currency format string.

  ThousandSeparator: AnsiChar;


Thousands separator character.

  DecimalSeparator: AnsiChar;


Decimal separator character.

  CurrencyDecimals: Byte;


Currency decimals.

  DateSeparator: AnsiChar;


Date separator character.

  TimeSeparator: AnsiChar;


Time separator character.

  ListSeparator: AnsiChar;


List separator character.

  CurrencyString: string;


Currency string.

  ShortDateFormat: string;


Short date format string.

  LongDateFormat: string;


Long Date Format string.

  TimeAMString: string;


AM time indicator string.

  TimePMString: string;


PM time indicator string.

  ShortTimeFormat: string;


Short time format string.

  LongTimeFormat: string;


Long time format string.

  ShortMonthNames: TMonthNameArray;


Array with short month names.

  LongMonthNames: TMonthNameArray;


Array with long month names.

  ShortDayNames: TWeekNameArray;


Array with short day names.

  LongDayNames: TWeekNameArray;


Long day names.

  TwoDigitYearCenturyWindow: Word;


Value for 2 digit year century window.



TFormatSettings is a record that contains a copy of all variables which determine formatting in the various string formatting routines. It is used to pass local copies of these values to the various formatting routines in a thread-safe way.

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