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Requester to select a Font


Source position: MUIClass.Dialog.pas line 41

type TFontDialog = class(TBaseDialog) end;


  constructor Create; virtual;


Create the Font requester

  function Execute; override;


Open the Font requester and wait for User input

  property Name: string; [rw]


Set initial name and read the selected font name

  property Size: Integer; [rw]


Set initial font size and read selected font size.

  property Style: Integer; [rw]


Set initial Style and read selected Font Style as Bitfield

  property Flags: Integer; [rw]


Flags for the Font

  property FrontPen: Integer; [rw]


Initial Setting for the FrontPen and read the FrontPen

  property BackPen: Integer; [rw]


Initial Setting for the BackPen and read the BackPen

  property DrawMode: Integer; [rw]


Initial Setting for DrawMode

  property Options: TFontDialogOptions; [rw]


Sets the elements to edit in the Font dialog




Requester to select a Font




BaseClass for ASL Requester, no need to instance this class use the subclasses



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