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String Edit component


Source position: MUIClass.Gadget.pas line 22

type TMUIString = class(TMUIArea) end;


  procedure GetCreateTags(); override;


Fill TagList for MUI item creation

  procedure AfterCreateObject; override;


Connect events after MUI item creation


  constructor Create; override;


Create a String object

  procedure CreateObject; override;


Create the MUI item

  property BufferPos: Integer; [rw]


Position of Cursor in the string.

  property DisplayPos: Integer; [rw]


Position of first char in the Display (if text too long for the object)


  property Accept: string; [rw]


A string containing characters allowed as input for the string gadget.

  property AdvanceOnCR: Boolean; [rw]


Press Enter in the String object to move to next Item in the CycleChain

  property Contents: string; [rw]


Get and set a string gadgets contents.

  property Format: PtrInt; [rw]


Alignment of the input string.

  property IntegerValue: Integer; [rw]


Set/Get the contents of the String object as Integer Value

  property MaxLen: Integer; [rw]


[i] Setup the maximum length for the string gadget.

  property Reject: string; [rw]


A string containing characters that should not be accepted as input for the string gadget.

  property Secret: Boolean; [rw]


Replace Text by dots, for password edits

  property OnAcknowledge: TNotifyEvent; [rw]


Event when Edit in the String gadget was finished and the new Value was acknowledged (by pressing Enter)

  property OnContentsChange: TNotifyEvent; [rw]


Event triggered on every change of the Text in the Edit box.




String Edit component




Super class for every other MUI class except windows and applications




Subclass of TNotify to introduce the Parent relation




Notify class is superclass of all other MUI classes.




Base class for all MUI Class




String class generates standard string gadgets with all editing facilities (clear, undo, etc.) enabled.

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