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Defines the colortable of the Bitmap


Source position: MUIClass.Image.pas line 75

public property TMUIBitmap.SourceColors : PLongWord
  read FSourceColors
  write SetSourceColors;


This attribute defines the color palette of the source BitMap. If specified, MUI will try to locate these colors on the current screen and remap the BitMap accordingly.

You can e.g. specify some great looking 8-color images for several buttons of your application and MUI will ensure they look fine even on 4-color screens or on screens with completely different colors.

When running Kickstart V39 or higher, MUI will use ObtainBestPen() to find or create your colors. Below V39, a simple color-map search is performed to find the best matching entry, but no colors will be changed.

The source palette is specified with an array of LongWord, three entries per color, 32 bits per gun.

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