Unit 'agraphics' Package
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Initialize bit map structure with input values.


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2337

procedure InitBitMap(

  bitMap: pBitMap;

  depth: LongInt;

  width: LongInt;

  height: LongInt





Number of bitplanes that this bitmap will have



Number of bits (columns) wide for this BitMap



Number of bits (rows) tall for this BitMap


Initialize various elements in the BitMap structure to correctly reflect depth, width, and height. Must be used before use of BitMap in other graphics calls. The Planes[0..7] are not initialized and need to be set up by the caller. The Planes table was put at the end of the structure so that it may be truncated to conserve space, as well as extended. All routines that use BitMap should only depend on existence of depth number of bitplanes. The Flagsh and pad fields are reserved for future use and should not be used by application programs.

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