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AVL tree component.


Source position: avl_tree.pp line 81

type TAVLTree = class


  constructor Create();


Create a new instance of TAVLTree.

  constructor CreateObjectCompare();


Create an instance of the tree with extended compare method.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destroy the TAVLTree instance.

  property OnCompare: TListSortCompare; [rw]


Compare function used when comparing nodes.

  property OnObjectCompare: TObjectSortCompare; [rw]


Compare handler.

  property NodeClass: TAVLTreeNodeClass; [rw]


Node class to create.

  procedure SetNodeManager();


Set the node instance manager to use.

  function NewNode; virtual;


Create a new tree node.

  procedure DisposeNode(); virtual;


Dispose of a node outside of the tree.

  procedure Add();


Add a new node to the tree.

  function AddAscendingSequence();


  procedure Delete();


Delete a node from the tree.

  function Remove();


Remove a data item from the list.

  function RemovePointer();


Remove a pointer item from the list.

  procedure MoveDataLeftMost();


Move data to the nearest left element.

  procedure MoveDataRightMost();


Move data to the nearest right element.

  procedure Clear;


Clears the tree.

  procedure FreeAndClear;


Clears the tree and frees nodes.

  procedure FreeAndDelete(); virtual;


Delete a node from the tree and destroy it.

  function Equals(); override;


Check if two trees are equal.

  function IsEqual();


Check whether 2 tree instances are equal.

  procedure Assign(); virtual;


Assign another tree.

  property Root: TAVLTreeNode; [r]


Root node of the tree.

  property Count: SizeInt; [r]


Number of nodes in the tree.

  function Compare();


Compare 2 nodes.

  function Find();


Find a data item in the tree.

  function FindKey();


Find a data item in the tree using alternate compare mechanism.

  function FindNearestKey();


Find nearest key for a data pointer.

  function FindSuccessor();


Find successor to node.

  function FindPrecessor();


  function FindLowest;


Find the lowest (leftmost) node in the tree.

  function FindHighest;


Find the highest (rightmost) node in the tree.

  function FindNearest();


Find the node closest to the data in the tree.

  function FindPointer();


Search for a data pointer.

  function FindLeftMost();


Find the node most left to a specified data node.

  function FindRightMost();


Find the node most right to a specified node.

  function FindLeftMostKey();


Find the node most left to a specified key node.

  function FindRightMostKey();


Find the node most right to a specified key node.

  function FindLeftMostSameKey();


Find the node most left to a specified node with the same data.

  function FindRightMostSameKey();


Find the node most right of a specified node with the same data.

  function GetEnumerator;


Get an enumerator for the tree.

  function GetEnumeratorHighToLow;


Return an enumerator that enumerates the tree in reversed order.

  procedure ConsistencyCheck; virtual;


Check the consistency of the tree.

  procedure WriteReportToStream();


Write the contents of the tree consistency check to the stream.

  function NodeToReportStr(); virtual;


Create a textual dump of the tree.

  function ReportAsString;


Return the tree report as a string.





AVL tree component.




TAVLTree maintains a balanced AVL tree. The tree consists of TAVLTreeNode nodes, each of which has a Data pointer associated with it. The TAVLTree component offers methods to balance and search the tree.

By default, the list is searched with a simple pointer comparison algorithm, but a custom search mechanism can be specified in the OnCompare property.

See also



Represents a node in the tree.

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