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Ansi-string version of string builder.


Source position: syssbh.inc line 4

type TUnicodeStringBuilder = class


  constructor Create();


Create a new TUnicodeStringBuilder instance.

  function Append();


Append data in string form to the buffer.

  function AppendFormat();


Append the result of a Format.

  function AppendLine();


Append a string followed by a newline.

  procedure Clear;


Clear the string being built.

  procedure CopyTo();


Copy string bytes to an array.

  function EnsureCapacity();


Set the capacity if needed.

  function Equals();


Check if 2 stringbuilders have the same content string.

  function Insert();


Insert data in string form into the buffer at a given position.

  function Remove();


Remove data from the string.

  function Replace();


Replace a range of characters.

  function ToString();


Return the string buffer as an UnicodeString.

  property Chars []: WideChar; default; [rw]


Indexed access to the characters in the string.

  property Length: Integer; [rw]


Currentl length of the string buffer.

  property Capacity: Integer; [rw]


Current capacity of the string buffer.

  property MaxCapacity: Integer; [r]


Maximum capacity of the string buffer.





Ansi-string version of string builder.




Base class of all classes.


TUnicodeStringBuilder is a class to construct an ansistring out of other strings or characters. It's methods can be used instead of constructing the string manually using the normal + or concat operators. If used properly (e.g. by setting a sufficiently large Capacity), will result in faster operation. It offers various methods to append to the string.

To create a unicode string, use the TUnicodeStringBuilder class instead.

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Ansi-string version of string builder.

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