Unit 'MUIClass.Area' Package
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Defines the color/pen to show


Source position: MUIClass.Area.pas line 327

public property TMUIPenDisplay.Spec : PMUI_PenSpec
  read GetSpec
  write SetSpec;


The black box structure PMUI_PenSpec specifies a drawing pen which should be displayed by Pendisplay class. If you use Poppen class to allow your users to configure custom drawing pens, its this attribute that you need to get() and save in your preferences.

Use the functions MUI_ObtainPen() and MUI_ReleasePen() from muimaster.library and the MUIPEN() macro to get a usable value for SetAPen() from a struct MUI_PenSpec.

NOTE: In allmost all cases you will use PopPen class which is a subclass of Pendisplay class.

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