Unit 'MUIClass.Base' Package
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Adds the contents of an IFF handle from iffparse.library to the dataspace.


Source position: MUIClass.Base.pas line 328

public function TMUIDataspace.ReadIFF(

  IFFHandle: Pointer





pointer to a struct IFFHandle from iffparse.library/AllocIFF(). The handle must already be open, initialized for reading and positioned on a chunk that was created with WriteIFF.

Function result

Returns 0 on success or some IFFERR_xxx on failure.


As always, objects with the same ID that are already in the dataspace will be replaced.

This method does not look for any chunk types and chunk ids itself. Instead, it expects that you have already located the chunk which contains your data and does nothing but ReadChunkBytes() until all dataspace entries of the current chunk are read.

Do not call ReadIFF if your handle is positioned on chunks that were not written with WriteIFF or strange things may happen!

See also



Writes the contents of a dataspace to an IFF handle of iffparse.library.

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