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Do not draw it but use the Window border Scrollbar


Source position: MUIClass.Gadget.pas line 104

published property TMUIProp.UseWinBorder : Integer
  read FUseWinBorder
  write SetUseWinBorder
  default MUIV_Prop_UseWinBorder_None;



MUIV_Prop_UseWinBorder_None, MUIV_Prop_UseWinBorder_Left, MUIV_Prop_UseWinBorder_Right, MUIV_Prop_UseWinBorder_Bottom

If you set this attribute to one of MUIV_Prop_UseWinBorder_Left, MUIV_Prop_UseWinBorder_Right, MUIV_Prop_UseWinBorder_Bottom, some very special magic will take place with this proportional gadget. In fact, it will not eat any display space at all or render anything, it stays invisible in your windows GUI. Instead, the gadgets control and display will be linked to one of the scrollbars in the window border.

There is no difference in talking to the object, you can use all prop gadget attributes regardless whether its a real prop gadget or just a window border link. Of course, gadgets in window borders will use the intuition look regardless what the user has configured.


You must enable border scrollers for the parent window with the corresponding attributes (see below) before using UseWinBorder.

Obviously, you can only link exactly one prop gadget to one window scroller. Linking more than one gadget to the same window scroller will result in big confusion.

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