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Active Entry in the List


Source position: MUIClass.List.pas line 114

published property TMUIList.Active : Integer
  read GetActive
  write SetActive
  default 0;


Reading this attribute will return the number of the active entry (the one with the cursor on it). The result is between 0 and Entries - 1 or MUIV_List_Active_Off, in which case there is currently no active entry.

Setting the attribute will cause the list to move the cursor to the new position and scroll this position into the visible area.

Special Values:

MUIV_List_Active_Off, MUIV_List_Active_Top, MUIV_List_Active_Bottom, MUIV_List_Active_Up, MUIV_List_Active_Down, MUIV_List_Active_PageUp, MUIV_List_Active_PageDown

See also



Get the number of the entry displayed on top of the list.



Get the current number of entries in the list.



Get the current number of visible entries in the list.

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