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List of items drawn as text list


Source position: MUIClass.List.pas line 21

type TMUIList = class(TMUIArea)


  procedure GetCreateTags(); override;


Fille TagList for creation of the List

  procedure AfterCreateObject; override;


Connect Events after MUI object creation

  function CreateImage();


Create an Image to use in the List

  procedure DeleteImage();


Delete the image pointer returned from CreateImage().

  class function ListImageToString();


Convert the Blackbox Image to a string for Display Event


  constructor Create; override;


Create the List object

  procedure CreateObject; override;


Create the MUI List item

  procedure Exchange();


Exchange two entries in a list.

  function GetEntry();


Get an entry by Index. If the entry is not available (either because you are out of bounds or because there is no active entry), you will receive a nil.

  procedure Insert();


Insert new entries into a list.

  procedure InsertSingle();


Insert one new entry into a list.

  procedure Jump();


Scroll any entry into the visible part of a list.

  procedure Move();


Move an entry from one position to another.

  procedure NextSelected();


Iterate through the selected entries of a list.

  procedure Redraw();


Redraw an List Entry

  procedure Remove();


Remove an entry from a list.

  procedure Select();


Select/deselect a list entry or ask an entry if its selected.

  procedure Sort;


Sort the list. MUI uses an iterative quicksort algorithm, no stack problems will occur.

  function TestPos();


Find out which line/column of a listview is currently displayed at a certain position.

  procedure Clear;

  property DropMark: Integer; [r]


After a successfull drop operation, this attribute holds the position where we should insert the new entry(ies).

  property Entries: Integer; [r]


Get the current number of entries in the list.

  property First: Integer; [r]


Get the number of the entry displayed on top of the list.

  property InsertPosition: Integer; [r]


Position of the last inserted Entry

  property Pool: Pointer; [rw]


Memory Pool for the Entry memory

  property PoolPuddleSize: LongWord; [rw]


Specify the puddle size for the lists memory pool.

  property PoolThreshSize: LongWord; [rw]


Specify the thresh size for the lists memory pool.

  property Quiet: Boolean; [rw]


Block redrawing, when many Entries are added or removed

  property Visible: Integer; [r]


Get the current number of visible entries in the list.


  property Active: Integer; [rw]


Active Entry in the List

  property AdjustHeight: Boolean; [rw]


The complete List has the Height of it's Entries, no free Space

  property AdjustWidth: Boolean; [rw]


The complete List has the Height of it's longest Entry, no free Space

  property AutoVisible: Boolean; [rw]


Set this to make your lists automatically jump to the active entry when they are displayed.

  property DragSortable: Boolean; [rw]


Enable Drag and Drop for the Entries

  property Format: string; [rw]


Format the Columns of the List

  property MinLineHeight: Integer; [rw]


Sets the minimum line height for lists in pixels.

  property ShowDropMarks: Boolean; [rw]


Indicate the place where a new line on drag and drop would be inserted with some horizontal lines.

  property SourceStrings: TStringArray; [rw]


Initial Contents of the List

  property Title: string; [rw]


Specify a title for the current list.

  property OnActiveChange: TNotifyEvent; [rw]


Active Changed

  property OnDisplay: TDisplayEvent; [rw]


Define what should be printed in a list row

  property OnCompare: TCompareEvent; [rw]


Event to compare two entries for sorting

  property OnConstruct: TConstructEvent; [rw]


Constrcut a new List Entry

  property OnDestruct: TDestructEvent; [rw]


Destroy an Entry which is removed from the List

  property OnMultiTest: TMultiTestEvent; [rw]


Check if an Entry can be selected in a multiselection

  property OnDrop: TNotifyEvent; [rw]


Drop operation finished, shows where the new Entry should be inserted





List of items drawn as text list




Super class for every other MUI class except windows and applications




Subclass of TNotify to introduce the Parent relation




Notify class is superclass of all other MUI classes.




Base class for all MUI Class




MUI's list class is very powerful. It handles all types of entries, from a simple string to a complicated structure with many associated resources. Multi column lists are also supported, the format for a column is adjustable.

Lists support any kind of sorting, multi selection and an active entry that can be controlled with the mouse or the cursor keys.

Note: A list object alone doesn't make much sense, you should always use it as child of a ListView object. This one attaches a scrollbar and handles all user input.

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