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Create an Image to use in the List


Source position: MUIClass.List.pas line 83

protected function TMUIList.CreateImage(

  Bitmap: TMUIBitmap;

  Flags: LongWord





Bitmap object with the Image to convert to the



none defined yes, pass a 0

Function result

The result you get is a black box pointer, it's not valid to assume anything about it. Use it for ListImageToString() to get the string for the display


If you want to have custom images in a listview (e.g. like the little monitor icons in PSI), you should create them as Bitmap objects (or Bodychunk objects) in the create method of your list class.

After that, pass the newly created object pointer to CreateImage and use the result in your display hook. Use ListImageToString() to create the string which represents your Image.

When your list is done (i.e. in the Destroy method), kill your image with DeleteImage() and dispose your object.

See also



Convert the Blackbox Image to a string for Display Event



Delete the image pointer returned from CreateImage().

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