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Notify class is superclass of all other MUI classes.


Source position: MUIClass.Base.pas line 98

type TMUINotify = class(TMUIRootClass)


  FExchangeMode: Boolean;


True if the Group/Window is in Exchange mode, allows adding of items in runtime

  procedure InitChange; virtual;


Put Group or Window into exchange mode, allows to add/remove items in runtime

  procedure ExitChange; virtual;


Put Group or Window back to normal mode, after adding/removing items in runtime

  procedure BeforeCreateObject; virtual;


Create Children or other connected MUI Object before creating this MUI Object

  procedure GetCreateTags(); override;


Fill Taglist with informations for creation

  procedure AfterCreateObject; virtual;


Connect Events to the object

  procedure DoFirstOpen; override;


Called when Window with this object opens the first time

  procedure BeforeCloseWindow; override;


Called before the Window with this Object gets closed (and/or destroyed)

  property Childs: TChildList; [r]


List of Children, be careful not all object can have children


  constructor Create; override;


it make no sense to instance Notify

  destructor Destroy; override;


It make no sense to instance Notify, or destroy it

  procedure DestroyObject; override;


It will destroy this class, and clear all children objects

  procedure ClearObject; override;


Clear the MUI Object and all it's Childs

  function GetConfigData();

  procedure AddChild(); virtual;


Add an object as child to this Class, will be called by setting the Parent on this class

  procedure RemoveChild(); virtual;


Removes a child from this class, will be called when Parent of the child class is changed

  class function GetPasObject();


Get the Pascal object which belongs to the MUI Object

  property HelpLine: Integer; [rw]


Define a line in a help file specified with MUIApp.HelpFile

  property HelpNode: string; [rw]


Define a node in a help file specified with MUIApp.HelpFile





Notify class is superclass of all other MUI classes.




Base class for all MUI Class




It's main purpose is to handle MUI's notification mechanism, but it also contains some other methods and attributes useful for every object.

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