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AmigaGuide style file to be displayed when the user requests online help.


Source position: MUIClass.Base.pas line 212

published property TMUIApplication.HelpFile : string
  read FHelpFile
  write SetHelpFile;


When the HELP button is pressed and the application defines a HelpFile, MUI tries to obtain HelpNode from the current object (the one under the mouse pointer). If HelpNode is not defined, MUI continues asking the parent object for this attribute (usually a group, but remember: the parent of a windows root object is the window itself, the parent of a window is the application).

When a set HelpNode is found, the same procedure is applied to HelpLine. Then MUI puts the application to sleep and displays the file at the position specified with HelpNode and/or HelpLine.

This behaviour allows you to define one HelpFile for your application object and different help nodes and lines for your applications windows and/or gadgets.

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Define a node in a help file specified with MUIApp.HelpFile



Define a line in a help file specified with MUIApp.HelpFile

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