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Adjust the minimum value for a numeric input/display gadget.


Source position: MUIClass.Numeric.pas line 50

published property TMUINumeric.Min : Integer
  read FMin
  write SetMin
  default 0;


Numeric class will automatically clip its value to make it fit between Min and Max. Also, minimum and maximum values are used for several internal calculations such as the maximum space required to display a numeric value.

You may change Min and Max with, but current MUI versions will not update the objects and with the windows width or height if your change causes the value display to change it's minimum and/or maximum pixel sizes. The slider position itself will be updated though.

MUI treats all values in numeric class as signed Integer, so that's the limit for all field.

Default to 0.

See also



Adjust the maximum value for a numeric input/display gadget.



Adjust the current value for a numeric input/display gadget.



Adjust the default value for a numeric input/display gadget.s



This method takes the current value of the numeric object and transforms it to another scale determined by the parameters.



This method takes the given sale values and transforms them to something between the numeric objects min and max values.

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