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Cache class.


Source position: cachecls.pp line 63

type TCache = class


  constructor Create();


Create a new cache class.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Free the TCache class from memory.

  function Add();


Add a data element to the list.

  function AddNew();


Add a new item to the list.

  function FindSlot();


Find data pointer in the list.

  function IndexOf();


Return index of a data pointer in the list.

  procedure Remove();


Remove a data item from the list.

  property Data []: Pointer; [rw]


Indexed access to data items.

  property MRUSlot: PCacheSlot; [rw]


Most recent item slot.

  property LRUSlot: PCacheSlot; [r]


Last used item.

  property SlotCount: Integer; [rw]


Number of slots in the list.

  property Slots []: PCacheSlot; [r]


Indexed array to the slots.

  property OnIsDataEqual: TOnIsDataEqual; [rw]


Event to compare 2 items.

  property OnFreeSlot: TOnFreeSlot; [rw]


Event called when a slot is freed.





Cache class.




TCache implements a cache class: it is a list-like class, but which uses a counting mechanism, and keeps a Most-Recent-Used list; this list represents the 'cache'. The list is internally kept as a doubly-linked list.

The Data property offers indexed access to the array of items. When accessing the array through this property, the MRUSlot property is updated.

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