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Ancestor class for TApplication classes.


Source position: custapp.pp line 30

type TCustomApplication = class(TComponent)


  constructor Create(); override;


Create a new instance of the TCustomApplication class.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destroys the TCustomApplication instance.

  procedure HandleException(); virtual;


Handle an exception.

  procedure Initialize; virtual;


Initialize the application.

  procedure Run;


Runs the application.

  procedure ShowException(); virtual;


Show an exception to the user.

  procedure Terminate();


Terminate the application.

  function FindOptionIndex();


Return the index of an option.

  function GetOptionValue();


Return the value of a command-line option.

  function GetOptionValues();


Get the values for an option that may be specified multiple times.

  function HasOption();


Check whether an option was specified.

  function CheckOptions();


Check whether all given options on the command-line are valid.

  function GetNonOptions();


Get all non-switch options.

  procedure GetEnvironmentList();


Return a list of environment variables.

  procedure Log();


Write a message to the event log.

  property ExeName: string; [r]


Name of the executable.

  property HelpFile: string; [rw]


Location of the application help file.

  property Terminated: Boolean; [r]


Was Terminate called or not.

  property Title: string; [rw]


Application title.

  property OnException: TExceptionEvent; [rw]


Exception handling event.

  property ConsoleApplication: Boolean; [r]


Is the application a console application or not.

  property Location: string; [r]


Application location.

  property Params []: string; [r]


Command-line parameters.

  property ParamCount: Integer; [r]


Number of command-line parameters.

  property EnvironmentVariable []: string; [r]


Environment variable access.

  property OptionChar: char; [rw]


Command-line switch character.

  property CaseSensitiveOptions: Boolean; [rw]


Are options interpreted case sensitive or not.

  property StopOnException: Boolean; [rw]


Should the program loop stop on an exception.

  property ExceptionExitCode: LongInt; [rw]


ExitCode to use then terminating the program due to an exception.

  property EventLogFilter: TEventLogTypes; [rw]


Event to filter events, before they are sent to the system log.

  property SingleInstance: TBaseSingleInstance; [r]


Single instance used to control single application instance behaviour.

  property SingleInstanceClass: TBaseSingleInstanceClass; [rw]


Class to use when creating single instance.

  property SingleInstanceEnabled: Boolean; [rw]


Enable single application instance control.





Ancestor class for TApplication classes.








TCustomApplication is the ancestor class for classes that wish to implement a global application class instance. It introduces several application-wide functionalities.

Descendent classes need to override the DoRun protected method to implement the functionality of the program.

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