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Class of TJSONArray.


Source position: fpjson.pp line 474

type TJSONArray = class(TJSONData)


  constructor Create();


Create a new instance of JSON array data.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Free the JSON array.

  class function JSONType; override;


native JSON data type.

  function Clone; override;


Clone the JSON array.

  procedure Iterate();


Iterate over all elements in the array.

  function IndexOf();


Return index of JSONData instance in array.

  function GetEnumerator; override;


Get an array enumerator.

  procedure Clear; override;


Clear the array.

  function Add();


Add a JSON value to the array.

  procedure Delete();


Delete an element from the list by index.

  procedure Exchange();


Exchange 2 elements in the list.

  function Extract();


Extract an element from the array.

  procedure Insert();


Insert an element in the array.

  procedure Move();


Move a value from one location to another.

  procedure Remove();


Remove an element from the list.

  procedure Sort();


Sort the items in the array.

  property Items: TJSONData; default;


Indexed access to the values in the array.

  property Types []: TJSONtype; [r]


JSON types of elements in the array.

  property Nulls []: Boolean; [r]


Check which elements are null.

  property Integers []: Integer; [rw]


Get or set elements as integer values.

  property Int64s []: Int64; [rw]


Get or set elements as Int64 values.

  property LargeInts []: TJSONLargeInt; [rw]


Get or set elements as LargeInt values.

  property QWords []: QWord; [rw]


Get or set elements as QWord values.

  property UnicodeStrings []: TJSONUnicodeStringType; [rw]


Get or set elements as Unicode string values.

  property Strings []: TJSONStringType; [rw]


Get or set elements as string values.

  property Floats []: TJSONFloat; [rw]


Get or set elements as floating-point numerical values.

  property Booleans []: Boolean; [rw]


Get or set elements as boolean values.

  property Arrays []: TJSONArray; [rw]


Get or set elements as JSON array values.

  property Objects []: TJSONObject; [rw]


Get or set elements as JSON object values.





Class of TJSONArray.




Base (abstract) object for all JSON based data types.




TJSONArrayClass is the class type of TJSONArray. It is used in the factory methods.

See also



Class of TJSONArray.



JSON factory: Set the JSONData class types to use.



JSON factory: Get the JSONData class types to use.

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