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Return the name of a temporary file.


Source position: osutilsh.inc line 40

function GetTempFileName(

  const Dir: string;

  const Prefix: string


function GetTempFileName: string;

function GetTempFileName(

  Dir: PAnsiChar;

  Prefix: PAnsiChar;

  uUnique: DWord;

  TempFileName: PAnsiChar



GetTempFileName returns the name of a temporary file in directory Dir. The name of the file starts with Prefix.

If Dir is empty, the value returned by GetTempDir is used, and if Prefix is empty, 'TMP' is used.

The OnGetTempFile handler may be set to provide custom handling of this routine: One could implement callbacks which take into consideration frameworks like KDE or GNOME, and return a different value from the default system implementation.


On error, an empty string is returned.

See also



Return name of system's temporary directory.



Handler for GetTempFileName function.

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