Unit 'sysutils' Package
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Return name of system's temporary directory.


Source position: osutilsh.inc line 38

function GetTempDir(

  Global: Boolean


function GetTempDir: string;


GetTempDir returns the temporary directory of the system. If Global is True (the default value) it returns the system temporary directory, if it is False then a directory private to the user is returned. The returned name will end with a directory delimiter character.

These directories may be the same. No guarantee is made that this directory exists or is writeable by the user.

The OnGetTempDir handler may be set to provide custom handling of this routine: One could implement callbacks which take into consideration frameworks like KDE or GNOME, and return a different value from the default system implementation.


On error, an empty string is returned.

See also



Handler for GetTempDir function.



Return the name of a temporary file.

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