Unit 'MUIClass.Area' Package
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[i] Define the Font for the item


Source position: MUIClass.Area.pas line 150

published property TMUIArea.Font : PtrInt
  read FFont
  write SetFont
  default 0;


Every MUI object can have its own font, just set it with this tag. Objects without an explicit font setting will inherit it from their parent group.

You normally won't need to open a font yourself, just use one of the predefined values to get a font from the users preferences.

Special Inputs:

MUIV_Font_Inherit, MUIV_Font_Normal, MUIV_Font_List, MUIV_Font_Tiny, MUIV_Font_Fixed, MUIV_Font_Title, MUIV_Font_Big, MUIV_Font_Button, MUIV_Font_Slider, MUIV_Font_Gauge

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