Unit 'MUIClass.Area' Package
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[i] Define the initial contents width as maximum width of the item


Source position: MUIClass.Area.pas line 301

published property TMUIText.SetMax : Boolean
  read FSetMax
  write SetSetMax
  default False;


Boolean value to indicate wether the objects maximal width shall be calculated to fit the string given with Contents.

When set to False, maximum width is not limited.

For a text object that needs to be updated (e.g. some information about your programs status) you would probably set SetMax to False to allow resizing of this object.

For a label for one of your gadgets, you might want to give this property a value of True to prevent MUI from inserting additional layout space.

Default to False

See also



String to be displayed in a text object.



[i] Define the initial contents width as minimum width of the item

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