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Make the current group a page group.


Source position: MUIClass.Group.pas line 54

published property TMUIGroup.PageMode : Boolean
  read FPageMode
  write SetPageMode
  default False;


Page groups always display only one of their children. Which one can be adjusted with the ActivePage attribute.

Imagine you have a preferences window with several different pages, e.g. the MUI preferences with object, frame, image, font, screen, keyboard and system prefs. Instead of one separate window for each group, you could put all pages into a page group and have a cycle gadget for page switching. This will make your program easier to use since the user won't have to handle a lot of windows. However, he will not be able to work with more than one page at the same time.

Sizes are calculated as follows:

Page groups are not limited in depth, children of a page group may of course be other page groups.

If you want to have a gadget only visible under certain conditions, you could make a page group containing this gadget and an empty rectangle object.

If you want TAB cycling for the objects in a page group, simply include all objects in the cycle chain (as if they all were visible at the same time).

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Set (or get) the active page of a page group.

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