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This is a shorthand for HorizSpacing and VertSpacing, it sets both of these attributes at once.


Source position: MUIClass.Group.pas line 59

published property TMUIGroup.Spacing : Integer
  read FSpacing
  write SetSpacing
  default 0;


Using Spacing, you won't need to think if your group is horizontal or vertical, both cases are handled automatically.

Note that setting a spacing value for a group overrides the user's default settings. Please use it only if you have a good reason.


// no space between Obj1 and Obj2
Group.Horiz := True;
Group.Spacing := 0;
Obj1.Parent := Group;
Obj2.Parent := Group;

See also



Number of pixels to be inserted between horizontal elements of a group.



Number of pixels to be inserted between vertical elements of a group.

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