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An abstract class representing a connection to a SQL Database.


Source position: sqldb.pp line 185

type TSQLConnection = class(TDatabase)


  constructor Create(); override;


Create a new instance of TSQLConnection.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destroys the instance of the connection.

  procedure StartTransaction; override;


Start the Transaction associated with this Connection.

  procedure EndTransaction; override;


End the Transaction associated with this connection.

  procedure ExecuteDirect();


Execute a piece of SQL code directly, using a Transaction if specified.

  function GetObjectNames(); virtual;


Return a collection of object names for a given type of object.

  procedure GetTableNames(); virtual;


Get a list of the tables in the specified database.

  procedure GetProcedureNames(); virtual;


Gets a list of Stored Procedures in the Database.

  procedure GetFieldNames(); virtual;


Gets a list of the field names in the specified table.

  procedure GetSchemaNames(); virtual;


Get database schema names.

  procedure GetSequenceNames(); virtual;


Return a list of sequence names.

  function GetConnectionInfo(); virtual;


Return some information about the connection.

  function GetStatementInfo(); virtual;


Get statement information.

  procedure CreateDB; virtual;


Create a new Database on the server.

  procedure DropDB; virtual;


Procedure to drop or remove a Database.

  function GetNextValue(); virtual;


Get next value for a sequence.

  property ConnOptions: TConnOptions; [r]


The set of Connection options being used in the Connection.

  property Handle: Pointer; [r]


Low level handle used by the connection.

  property FieldNameQuoteChars: TQuoteChars; [rw]


Characters used to quote field names.


  property Password: string; [rw]


Password used when authenticating on the database server.

  property Transaction: TSQLTransaction; [rw]


Default transaction to be used for this connection.

  property UserName: string; [rw]


The username for authentication on the database server.

  property CharSet: string; [rw]


The character set to be used in this database.

  property HostName: string; [rw]


The name of the host computer where the database resides.

  property OnLog: TDBLogNotifyEvent; [rw]


Event handler for logging events.

  property LogEvents: TDBEventTypes; [rw]


Filter for events to log.

  property Options: TSQLConnectionOptions; [rw]


Options to observe for this connection.

  property Role: string; [rw]


Role in which the user is connecting to the database.

  property Connected: Boolean;


Is a connection to the server active or not.

  property DatabaseName: string;


The name of the database to which connection is required.

  property KeepConnection: Boolean;


Attempt to keep the connection open once it is established.

  property LoginPrompt: Boolean;


Should SQLDB prompt for user credentials when a connection is activated.

  property Params: TStrings;


Extra connection parameters.

  property OnLogin: TLoginEvent;


Event handler for login process.





An abstract class representing a connection to a SQL Database.




Base class for connecting a FreePascal application to an external Database engine.




Abstract class for connections to a server.








TSQLConnection is an abstract class for making a connection to a SQL Database. This class will never be instantiated directly, for each database type a descendent class specific for this database type must be created.

Most of common properties to SQL databases are implemented in this class.

See also



Class to handle SQL commands (with or without result set).



Transaction in which a TSQLQuery is handled.

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