Unit 'MUIClass.Group' Package
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Prepares a group for dynamic adding/removing of objects.


Source position: MUIClass.Group.pas line 45

public procedure TMUIGroup.InitChange; override;


MUI 3 offers the possibility to dynamically add/remove children from groups, even when the window that contains these objects is currently open. To be able to do this, you must first put the group into a special "exchange" state by using this method. Then, you can add/remove children at will. If you're done, use ExitChange() to make MUI recalculate the display.


Group.InitChange;          // Prepare Group to add/remove items

Text1.Parent := nil;       // remove Text1 from the group
String1.Parent := Group;   // remove String1 from the group
PopButton.Parent := Group; // remove PopButton from the group

Group.ExitChange;          // Finished altering items

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Terminates InitChange state.

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