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Popstring class is the base class for creating so called popup objects.


Source position: MUIClass.PopString.pas line 13

type TMUIPopString = class(TMUIGroup)


  procedure BeforeCreateObject; override;


Create child MUI items before this MUI item is created

  procedure GetCreateTags(); override;


Fill TagList for MUI item creation

  procedure AfterCreateObject; override;


Connect Events after MUI item creation


  constructor Create; override;


Create a PopString object

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destroy the PopString object

  procedure CreateObject; override;


Create the MUI item

  procedure DestroyObject; override;


Destroy the MUI item (and all it's children)

  procedure ClearObject; override;


MUI item was destroyed by the Parent, just clear the MUIObj Pointer

  procedure Open;


This method opens the popup.

  procedure Close();


This method closes the popup.


  property Toggle: Boolean; [rw]


Set/Clear the toggle mode for a popstring object.

  property Button: TMUIArea; [rw]


Specify the button object to be used in the popup.

  property StringObj: TMUIString; [rw]


Specify the string object to be used in the popup.

  property OnOpen: TOpenPopEvent; [rw]


Whenever the popup receives a Open() method, this event will be called

  property OnClose: TClosePopEvent; [rw]


Whenever the popup receives a Close() method and the popup is currently opened, this Event is triggered.





Popstring class is the base class for creating so called popup objects.




Group class is responsible for the complete layout of a MUI window.




Super class for every other MUI class except windows and applications




Subclass of TNotify to introduce the Parent relation




Notify class is superclass of all other MUI classes.




Base class for all MUI Class




Usually, a popup consists of a string or text gadget, followed by a little button. Pressing this button brings up a little window with a listview and lets the user choose an entry with the mouse.

Popstring class features the basic functions for creating such objects. Given a string object and a button object, it places them horizontally and sets up some notification. Whenever the popup button is pressed, a hook will be called which itself should open and prepare the popup window.

The string and the button object are not created by popstring class, they have to be supplied as attributes during object creation time. This makes popstring class very flexible, one could e.g. use a text object instead of a string or a popup button with some text in it.

However, creating simple popups with popstring class would be too much overhead. Instead of using it directly, you should have a look at one of its subclasses. They offer a more specialized set of popups and are a lot easier to use.

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