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Dirlist class provides a quick and easy way of showing entries in a directory.


Source position: MUIClass.List.pas line 162

type TMUIDirList = class(TMUIList)


  procedure GetCreateTags(); override;


Fill TagList for MUI item creation

  procedure AfterCreateObject; override;


Connect Events after MUI item creation


  constructor Create; override;


Create a DirList Object

  procedure CreateObject; override;


Create the MUI item

  procedure ReRead;


Force the dirlist object to reread the current directory.

  property NumBytes: Integer; [r]


Number of Bytes in the Directory

  property NumDrawers: Integer; [r]


Number of Drawers in the Directory

  property NumFiles: Integer; [r]


Number of Files in the Directory

  property Path: string; [r]


Path of the Active Entry

  property Status: Integer; [r]


Read the status of the dirlist object.


  property AcceptPattern: string; [rw]


Entries not matching this pattern are rejected.

  property Directory: string; [rw]


Set a new directory for the dirlist object.

  property DrawersOnly: Boolean; [rw]


Indicate whether you only want drawers to be displayed.

  property FilesOnly: Boolean; [rw]


Indicate whether you only want files to be displayed.

  property FilterDrawers: Boolean; [rw]


Filter the contents

  property MultiSelDirs: Boolean; [rw]


Allows multi selection of directories.

  property RejectIcons: Boolean; [rw]


Indicate whether you want icons (*.info files) to be rejected.

  property RejectPattern: string; [rw]


Entries matching this pattern are rejected.

  property SortDirs: Integer; [rw]


Adjust the place where directories shall be displayed.

  property OnStatusValid: TNotifyEvent; [rw]


Event called when Status changed to Valid

  property OnStatusInvalid: TNotifyEvent; [rw]


Event called when Status changed to Invalid





Dirlist class provides a quick and easy way of showing entries in a directory.




List of items drawn as text list




Super class for every other MUI class except windows and applications




Subclass of TNotify to introduce the Parent relation




Notify class is superclass of all other MUI classes.




Base class for all MUI Class




It features lots of control attributes, many of them known from the popular asl file requester.

This class is not intended to replace asl.library! Nobody wants to see every MUI application coming with another selfmade file requester. Please continue using ASL for real file requesting purposes!

However, sometimes it may be useful to have a little directory list placed somewhere in your user interface. Imagine an answering machine tool that stores incoming calls in a preconfigured directory. Using a dirlist object, you can include the GUI for selecting a call in your window with lots of other gadgets like "Play", "Delete", etc.

Dirlist class offers all of a files attributes: name, size, date, time, flags and comment. Using the Format attribute, you can control which of them shall be displayed.

If you want to read the entries of your directory, just send the dirlist object a GetEntry method. You will receive a pointer to a struct TFileInfoBlock which remains valid until your next call to GetEntry.

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