Unit 'MUIClass.Base' Package
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Load program configuration for items with ObjectID


Source position: MUIClass.Base.pas line 239

public procedure TMUIApplication.Load(

  FromEnvarc: Boolean





True = load from EnvArc:; False Load from ENV:


Each gadget with ObjectID <>0 will get its contents saved during Save() and restored during Load(). This makes it very easy to design a configuration window with "Save", "Use" and "Cancel" buttons to allow the user storing the settings. When the application starts, you would just have to call Load() and the stored settings will be read and installed.

Not all classes are able to import and export their contents. Currently, you may define a ObjectID for

String class
String.Contents is ex/imported
Radio class
Radio.Active is ex/imported
Cycle class
Cycle.Active is ex/imported
List class
List.Active is ex/imported
Text class
Text.Contents is ex/imported
Area class
Area.Selected is ex/imported (e.g. CheckMarks)
MenuItem class
MenuItem.Checked is ex/imported
Group class
Group.ActivePage is ex/imported

See also



Save program configuration for items with ObjectIDs



Objects with a ObjectID <>0 export their contents during MUIApp.Save() and import them during MUIApp.Load(). You have to use different ExportIDs for your objects!

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